All caught up!

2014-09-28 15:13:09 by Skelding

And that's all of them! For now at least.

I've finally caught this site up on my cartoons. Thank you for bearing with me and I hope to all forms of deity that you didn't think I was making each of these in a week. Can you imagine?

I'm so glad I started adding them all to Newgrounds, this place is so much better than a certain other video sharing site, that will not be named, that it isn't even funny. Uploads are faster, they don't break the quality, more people see them, rewards are better, and so on.

Oddly enough it worked out nicely, as within a few days to a week I'll have a brand new cartoon for you! Isn't that something?

Thank you for watching my stupid videos, it really means a lot to me.


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