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Hi there! I draw comics and make animations. I hope you watch my things and enjoy. You don't have to though. I'm not your mum.

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Posted by Skelding - June 26th, 2015

Since my next cartoon is a long way off, here's a little preview. It's a mix of shape-tweening and regular ol' animation on ones instead of my usual twos. I like to think it looks pretty neat.

The colours look weird because it's a gif and I couldn't be bothered figuring how to fix it.


Posted by Skelding - May 22nd, 2015

I did more practice with shape tweens. Still having problems with colouring (not the weird grain on the colours, that's a problem with exporting gifs I couldn't be arsed fixing) but it's still going well. Here's what I did, it's a dog man, or something, I dunno.


Posted by Skelding - May 15th, 2015

Did a little practice with a shape tweening technique I read about on Twitter from Harry Partridge and Max Gilardi. Using shape tweens can be a pain but when you get it working right it cuts down on so many bloody inbetweens.

Here's a peek :3 http://i.imgur.com/Cn8lfCp.gif

Posted by Skelding - May 8th, 2015

Finally finished. It took way too long for what it is but I hope you all enjoy the exploits of Malkie Moose.

Goint to take a break from animation to work more on animation.


Posted by Skelding - January 23rd, 2015

To prove I'm not dead, here's a preview of what I've been doing :3


Posted by Skelding - September 28th, 2014

And that's all of them! For now at least.

I've finally caught this site up on my cartoons. Thank you for bearing with me and I hope to all forms of deity that you didn't think I was making each of these in a week. Can you imagine?

I'm so glad I started adding them all to Newgrounds, this place is so much better than a certain other video sharing site, that will not be named, that it isn't even funny. Uploads are faster, they don't break the quality, more people see them, rewards are better, and so on.

Oddly enough it worked out nicely, as within a few days to a week I'll have a brand new cartoon for you! Isn't that something?

Thank you for watching my stupid videos, it really means a lot to me.

Posted by Skelding - August 23rd, 2014

A'right? How's it going? Family doing well?

Good stuff.

So I continue plodding on uploading old cartoons (with one I didn't want to upload coming tomorrow), but hows about a sneak peek of the one I'm working on now? No? Oh...well, okay then.

I'll leave it here anyway.


Posted by Skelding - August 4th, 2014


I've been relying far too heavily on YouTube to get my animations seen by people. I uploaded a cartoon there two years ago and it has 60 views total. I posted it here a little over 24 hours ago and it got over 200!

As such I'll be uploading my animations here once a week until I'm caught up. There are seven left so assuming I don't go mad and put up one a day that'll be, you guessed it, seven weeks.

Just a heads-up since there's gonna be a LOT of shit along the way. Probably even more afterwards! Though I haven't made those yet...

Time will tell!